About Us

The Alberta Reindeer Association (ARA) was formed in October 1999 under the Alberta Societies Act.

The mission of the Alberta Reindeer Association is as follows:

  • The ARA is dedicated to promoting the reindeer industry, increase awareness and knowledge of reindeer farming among producers, industry advisors and the general public in Alberta and across Canada.

  • We provide support services to current and future producers including information on regulatory requirements, feeding, calving, handling, diseases, marketing and market development.

  • We represent reindeer producers in Alberta to national cervid organisations and lobby governments for legislations, policies and assistance to support and enhance the reindeer industry.

  • The ARA strives to develop a profitable and sustainable reindeer farming industry that will strengthen and contribute positively to a diversified agricultural economy in Alberta. 

Reindeer farming is currently allowed in Alberta under a Temporary Shelter Permit from Alberta Environment and Parks with the stipulation that all provisions of the Livestock Industry Diversification Act (LIDA) and Regulations are followed. ARA is lobbying the Government of Alberta to add reindeer to the allowable species of LIDA.

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