Not All Reindeer Work For Santa

The animals are popular at Christmas and other events


Reprinted with the permission of Alberta Farmer Express
Author: Alexis Kienlen


It seems not all reindeer pull Santa's sleigh. Some can be found just ruminating on select farms throughout Alberta. Ten reindeer farms housing about 135 animals have organised themselves into the Alberta Reindeer Association. One member is Amber Lane Game farm near Leduc, run by Herman, Alice and their son Brendan Bulten.


Will Rudolph's Nose Guide Alberta's Olympic Torch Relay

Reprinted with the permission of Travel Alberta
Author: Deb Cummings


She calls them "Santa's back-up", but they can do much more than fly a tinkling sleigh across the snowy skies at Christmas. Try ...jogging alongside a skier or runner. Hauling heavy gear through deep snow, like a sled dog. Providing a healthy, lean, high-protein meat for human consumption. We're talking about Alberta's reindeer.